Purpose: Discourse

They say the unaimed arrow always finds its target. Better still is the well-aimed arrow. My purpose, our target, is to provide space for conversations about the unique experiences and problems associated with leading in international schools. The rules are simple–if it matters in international education, it matters here. I ask that participants share relevant concerns and insights with the explicit intent of supporting international schools, international educators, and their leadership. Be professional, be concise, be open and fair.

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James is an award-winning international school educator with three decades in teaching, administration, governance, and curricular and co-curricular program development, articulation, and optimization. Currently, James is head of school at Shanghai American School, and is completing a doctorate in education at Johns Hopkins University. He is formerly head of school at the Baldwin School of Puerto Rico and past president of the Caribbean Association of Independent Schools (CAIS). He was also a Klingenstein Fellow (2019), Teachers College, Columbia University.

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